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Spring Farm Update 2012

Greetings from the Farm!

We have had a busy spring here at High Point.  I will just touch on some of the high points!

Our Summer/Fall Meat CSA is underway! Space still available for Ithaca, Rochester, Trumansburg pickups!

We still have shares for our Brooklyn and Manhattan CSA’s as well. 

To learn more and Join our CSA go to our website.  (LINK)

The end of May Bob had foot surgery.  After slipping while moving the turkey coop last fall he fractured his foot.  It did not heal correctly so in May he had 2 ligaments reattached and some bone fragments removed.  So far he is healing well.  He will be on crutches for 2 then in a walking cast for 3 weeks.

Even with him laid up the farm does not stop.  So far we have 4 baby calves with 11 more expected.

Here are so snapshots and video:

Flower’s Calf 2012

Just before Bob’s surgery we sent half of our cattle herd off to summer camp.  Bright and early in the morning we loaded them onto the trailer for their trip.  We rent a 66 acre pasture from Hector Grazing.  It is about 6 miles from our farm.  They will stay there until late Oct.

Bob said they were having a great time playing in the pond when he left.

Our first Batch of Freedom Ranger Chicks that arrived in April will be ready for processing mid June.  We have been having MAJOR predator issues!  Of that batch of 200, we may have about 50 remaining!!!!  Our friend has been helping us trap.  So far we have gotten a mink, a raccoon and a skunk!  The geese do not seem to be deterring them one bit!  We can only hope we get them all as we just put out the second batch of 500 chicks on pasture.

Our new laying hens are really laying well now!  We have plenty of small eggs.  CSA members will be see them in their shares this month.  Our older hens have now retired and are in the freezer ready for your purchase. They make the most excellent broth you have ever had, or on a cool week like this, make some chicken and biscuits, I am.

Video of the Freedom rangers from 2 days old to 8 weeks old.  Free Ranging like they are supposed to!


Freedom Rangers

Free Range Freedom Ranger Meat Chickens


Off to do chores! More next month!

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