What CSA Members are saying about our Meats!
I was in your shop for the first time this past weekend and tried the hamburger, which my husband really enjoyed. I couldn’t quite put a name to the new found flavor……..what would be a good adjective that you have heard? “flavor!” It was juicy as I knew to grill it in less time. We also tried the breakfast sausage and that too was yummy. Tonight will be the hot italian sausage. I’m sure it’ll be delicious.
Thank you for offering such wonderful products and for getting back to farming/eating the way it should be.
I hope to come back this weekend and try more of what you will have available! Thank you!
Hi Tina,I just wanted to thank you and your family for a most excellent
Thanksgiving turkey. We’ve been buying from Stone Farms for the last few
years (and before that, Wegmans), and your turkey was by far the tastiest.Thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday season,
Hi Tina,
I am a Manhattan CSA member; this is my second season with you, and I expect we’ll be signing up for the summer as well.
Just wanted to write a quick note to say how much I am enjoying the personal experience of your program. I love reading your emails, with the photos, and I enjoyedyour recent note which included some perspective on your family life and the challenges of hiring a new employee. Daisy, our Manhattan distributor, is so lovely and kind at every distribution. She seems to know us by name, and she always greets me with a smile. It is refreshing, as I’m always running full-speed to make the 7 pm deadline, sweat or rain running down my face as I’m flying into Jimmy’s 43, feeling horrible that I’m probably the last pick-up. And then – there’s Daisy with a calming precense and great food to hand over!
Tina and Bob, I just cooked up your beef short ribs. Exquisite!! Really! The best beef I have had in a long time.
Thank you, keep up the good work!



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