Spring 2014 Update

It was a busy spring here at the farm.  It is amazing how just being a grass farmer how dependent we are on the weather.  Spring started out cold and wet making it hard for us to get out and do out pasture set up.  The grass took so long to grow enough that we didn’t get the cows on it till the 10th of May.  That is the latest we had gotten them out since we started farming in 2001.  Then the heat came and the grass grew so fast that the cows can’t keep up.  Bob as had to clip the pastures after the cows have gone through since they won’t eat all the tall grasses.

Four calves have arrived thus far and are doing great.

The laying hens are happy to be out on pasture as well.  We have to lock them in their wagon every night due to predators.  The ONE night we didn’t due to thunder and lightning we lost to many to count.

The decision has been made to NOT raise meat chickens this season here at High Point.  Several factors came into play for this decision.  Labor, feed costs, problems at the hatchery to delivery when we wanted them, our chicken butcher deciding not to butcher for customers anymore and of course predators!  Do not worry, we will still have chicken for your dinner table: Our friends at Autumns Harvest (who also raise our pork) will be raising them for us.

Meat Sales:

Our Summer Meat CSA is underway. June to August.  Pickups in Brighton, at the Farm and Ithaca Bakery.  We will be making some changes to our Fall CSA with sales starting in late July.

Our on Farm Store is open every Saturday from 11-2pm.

T-burg Shur Save has placed our meat and eggs in a great location after their remodel.

Brownies Produce, Rt. 96, Jacksonville, NY is now carrying some of our beef and our eggs as well.

Our newest locations for Beef sales: Green Star Market on Buffalo Street in Ithaca and the Busy Bee Market in Sheldrake (right on Cayuga Lake Shore)


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