Farm News and CSA Sign ups

Greetings from the Farm!

After a few teasing nice days and then another cold snap we hope we are on the upswing and Spring will finally come! After a long cold winter of planning and reading about farming we are ready for Spring.  The list of things to do is long, but we got an early start with the return of our beloved handy man Jason!  He is back with us to help with the odd jobs and heavy things I cannot do and Bob doesn’t have time to do. He is a life saver!
First on the list was to remodel the egg mobile to make egg gathering more efficient and to meet Animal Welfare approved standards. It now has wings and the tire that went flat last season is all good to go! Our new batch of laying hens should arrive in just a couple weeks! Next on the list:  Get the current batch of laying hens out of the barn (with outside access) and into the garden.  Getting the natural fertilizer on the garden before we till is a great thing! We had to wait until most of the nights won’t be too cold and get past the long stints of cold weather. Now we can tear apart the old hen house area and prepare to make it larger for next season.  We were awarded a grant from Food and Animal Concern Trust to do this.  The concrete has to be poured and set by May 1st!  We also use this space for our starter meat chickens and that is when the first batch arrives! We are really looking forward to getting the cows back onto the lush grass of the pasture.  It costs us about $60-80 a day to feed them hay and balage.  Price varies throughout the winter depending on if the mothers are nursing how many steers we have (most have been sent to the butcher through the winter) and how cold it is outside.  They eat more when it is cold! This weekend we have to run last season’s calf crop through the handling system to be weighed. They will go through again next month for another weight check and to be ear tagged for “summer camp.”  Our deposit has been made for our summer pasture rental. This group will go off to “summer camp” around the 15th of May. Our first early calf of the season was born. First time Mom “Pretty” did a great job and her baby is doing great.  The rest of the calves are due about mid May through September. More waterlines have to be put down, fence lines  cleared of brush, a new fence area made and lots of other miscellaneous jobs are on the list! With all of this to be done we still have more marketing of our CSA and regular day to day farm chores to do!
We are now taking sign-ups for our Upstate CSA that runs June to November.  We have pick up locations in Ithaca, at Sweetland Farm in Trumansburg, at our Farm and in Brighton/Rochester area.  All pick ups are ONCE a month.  Part of the share is chosen by the farm (this helps keep our inventory rotated) and the balance of the share is chosen by members through our on-line store.  More Info and to Join _____________________________________________

Our NYC area CSA ( which is really a Buying Club) still has memberships available with 3 pickup locations: Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn/Williamsburg and Manhattan’s East Village.  We deliver through Regional Access to these locations about once every 3 weeks. More Info and to Join Being part of our CSA helps our farm stay sustainable and makes it so we can continue to farm and provide high quality pasture based healthy meats to our members.


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