Summer Farm News

Greetings from the farm!

We have not gotten any significant rain for a VERY long time!  The cows have eaten all the pastures down and we have had little re-growth.  Two weeks ago we had to start feeding the hay we purchased to get us through the winter. It is an unexpected expense we did not anticipate.  The worry now is that we won’t get enough rain for there to be another cutting of hay to replenish what we have used already!

The extreme heat has been a problem as well.  The cows must have shade so we have to keep them near our wooded areas.  The meat chickens are so hot they aren’t gaining weight like they should so they are taking longer to get to finish weight thus eating more grain.   The egg layers lay smaller eggs when they are hot.   All a vicious farming cycle!


We now have 15 calves! We even had one set of twins, the first ever born at High Point!   All are doing well!  We still amy and babhave 2 more cows left to have calves.

freedom ranger

The chicken predator problem has slowed down.  So far we have caught: 4 grey fox, 11 raccoons, 2 skunks and a mink!  Total chickens lost to predators: nearing the 300 mark, a hard hit!

The concrete was poured in our new barn we put up in 2011.  Upon its completion Bob was able to move his tools and things from our garage to the barn and set up his shop.  With the garage cleaned out we decided to move our farm storstoree and CSA making station in there.  It is almost completed and looks great!








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